Mexican or Mexico Silver Bullion Onza Libertad

The ONZA or Libertad 1 Oz. Silver bullion series from The Mexican/Mexico Mint is one of the most widely collected and popular bullion issues available in the marketplace today. Collectors can easily purchase these coins at Apmex and eBay on a regular basis with plenty of different dates available. Both graded/slabbed and ungraded coins are available.

Coin shows and local coin shops are also another good source to find these coins as well. But the easiest, quickest, and most frequent place to source these coins would be at eBay. Although this series is not as popular as “The Panda” series from The China Mint, this series may become just as popular in the coming years.

In comparison to the Panda series there are less Onza/Libertad silver coins minted, and available in the marketplace today. The collector base for the Panda is much larger though than the Libertad/Onza market. In my humble opinion, demand may drive prices even higher in the not so distant future for ultra high grade examples of certain dates.


Soon enough more collectors may want to complete registry sets of this series. Who possibly may pay more for BU/Gem examples as competition increases. After all, when competing, coming in second means you lose or it can bring one great satisfaction for making an effort. Half empty or half full? For you to decide-

This market is not as hot as the Panda market as I see it currently. It’s hotter, there are always collectors that are willing to pay massive premiums for attractive, toned, and pristine examples. Some issues are found only in mint sets issued by The Mexico Mint such as the example pictured below which is a variety.


An Onza from 2007 or earlier one can expect to pay some insane price for a pristine example as MS 69’s are commanding healthy premiums. This trend will continue in my opinion as some years are very difficult to find in stellar shape than others.

After all they were sold as bullion, and who knew people would actually collect a bullion coin. There is almost a collector for everything and anything nowadays. People collect used McDonalds Big Mac packaging from 1982. The original pickles and onion make the packaging more valuable 😉


Bullion is extremely condition sensitive, it’s 99.99% pure, has high points, soft, and prone to get banged up very easily. Once these bullion coins come out of the roll who knows what type of journey they may have in the future. More than likely most Libertads were not stored as carefully as proof or circulation coins.

Even if coins are stored properly they could develop unsightly white spots that are known as “milk spots”. Collectors will pay up premiums for coins without these imperfections as the chase for perfection never seems to end. Here is a great article for you to read about milk spots.

A growing number of our population within the United States are of Mexican American descent. Many collectors always like to collect part of their heritage as I’ve noted in the past from my days of dealing.



This series appeals to many different collectors worldwide. Trends do come and go with all collectibles markets, and some take longer to develop as well. This is one trend that is likely to continue for many years to come as I see it.

With limited mintages and a growing collector base, soon enough, collectors may possibly outstrip supply for more dates that are readily available today.

With that being said the prices may inevitably rise for pristine examples as demand rises as well. Best of luck with whatever you do with coins!

Thanks for reading my thoughts and enjoy the day-



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